Podcast Management

Managing your show, adding episodes, changing artwork and more.

Episodes showing in the wrong order

My episodes are showing in the wrong order on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc

Chapter timestamps on Spotify

How to add clickable timestamps to your podcast episodes on Spotify

Private podcasts and private episodes

How to set your podcast to private, or mixed private & public audience.

Can I use my own RSS feed?

How to use your own RSS feed instead of the ZenCast feed, and still host your podcast media with ZenCast.

Publishing more than one podcast under the one account

ZenCast was built from the ground up with support for networks, radio stations, and multiple podcasts in mind. As a result, you can publish multiple shows, manage hosts and guests that appear across your shows, and even see analytics for multiple ...

Podcast Guests and Hosts

How to add, remove, and edit guest and host profiles on your podcast

Uploading multiple episodes at once

Can I upload more than one podcast episode at a time?

Delete an episode

How to delete one of your podcast episodes from ZenCast without deleting the entire show

How to invite team members/contributors

How to add new team members so they have access to your podcast's ZenCast dashboard

Delete an entire podcast

How to delete an entire podcast including all episodes, artwork, descriptions, and other content

Editing transcriptions

How to edit your episode transcriptions on the ZenCast dashboard

Editing episode and season numbers

How do I edit podcast episode and season numbers?

Private podcast invitations

How to set up and send out invitations to private podcast members

Edit podcast details

How to change your show title, description, artwork, contact details, etc

Video podcasts

Does ZenCast allow me to upload video podcast episodes?

Replace episode audio

How to change or update the audio file used for an existing episode

Podcast contact email address

How to set and edit your podcast contact email address

Additional podcasts under one account

How to add more shows to your ZenCast account