Importing your show to ZenCast is super easy with our podcast import tool. But what about your podcast's audience that you've spent a lot of effort building?

The good news is that your listeners are subscribed through individual listening platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc, rather than being subscribed through the hosting provider. This means when you change your hosting provider to ZenCast, your listeners stay subscribed on their preferred app, the hosting swap happens in the background, and the listeners never notice any difference. 

Almost all podcast hosts make it super easy to move your show. To complete your migration, you'll need to set up an HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect from your old RSS provider to your new ZenCast RSS feed.

You can find your podcast's RSS feed on your ZenCast home page for that show:

Have a look in your old hosting provider's settings for a Redirect option or contact their support team and ask them to set up a redirect for you. 

If you get stuck just reach out to us and we can walk you through this process 😄