Getting Started

From recording your first episode to publishing your show.

What is ZenCast

Welcome to ZenCast! Whether you're new to podcasting or are interested in using ZenCast with an existing podcast ZenCast has everything you need to host, publish and manage your podcast. ZenCast allows you to take any audio you have created, publi...

Publishing more than one podcast under the one account

ZenCast was built from the ground up with support for networks, radio stations, and multiple podcasts in mind. As a result, you can publish multiple shows, manage hosts and guests that appear across your shows, and even see analytics for multiple ...

Getting more help

ZenCast offers unparalleled support for all users. We don't believe that creating a support ticket or filling out a long and complicated support request form is the right way to provide help when it's needed. That's why when there's a question, pr...

Is there a limit on the number of podcasts I can publish?

You can publish as many podcasts as you want with ZenCast, and each podcast can have an unlimited number of episodes.  The only limit is how much the hosts on the show can talk 😎  Ready to publish an additional show to ZenCast? Here's how you can...

How to invite team members/contributors

How to add new team members so they have access to your podcast's ZenCast dashboard

Podcast artwork requirements

Correct image size and file types for your podcast artwork

Add or change episode artwork

How to add or edit artwork for an individual episode

Upload an episode

How to create new episodes for your podcast on ZenCast

Edit podcast details

How to change your show title, description, artwork, contact details, etc

Adding podcast artwork

How to add or change the artwork image for your overall show

Replace episode audio

How to change or update the audio file used for an existing episode

Podcast upload limits

How much storage space and bandwidth do I have on ZenCast?

ZenCast mobile app

Does ZenCast work on all devices?

Episode notes

How do I add show notes to an episode?

Additional podcasts under one account

How to add more shows to your ZenCast account

How to publish your podcast to Spotify, Apple, etc

How do I publish my podcast?

Audio file type and settings

The best recommended audio file types, settings, size limits, etc for your podcast

Is there a free ZenCast podcasting plan?

ZenCast plan options

Finding your way around ZenCast

A guide to the main features of your ZenCast dashboard

Creating your first podcast

How to create your first podcast

Recording vs hosting vs publishing

What's the difference between recording, hosting and publishing your podcast?

Does ZenCast publish my podcast automatically?

Once you're ready to share your podcast with the world, we automatically publish it to Spotify on your behalf. For other platforms, you'll need to go through a few basic steps the first time you publish your podcast. Once you've been through those...