It can be a good idea for your podcast to have its own dedicated website where listeners and fans can find audio content and other media. Thankfully when your podcast is hosted at ZenCast, we automatically create, host, and manage a website for you. 

If you already have your own website that you'd prefer to use, that can be connected to your podcast instead.

Using the ZenCast website for your podcast

When your podcast is hosted at ZenCast, we automatically create a unique website just for your show. We host the site for you and automatically publish your podcast episodes on the site, so there's nothing you need to do to manage it.

Here's an example of what your site will look like: 

On all plans, it's possible to edit the text and background colors, and on the Professional and Plus plans you can also add custom CSS to really make the site match your branding.

The interface is clean and uncluttered, and episodes can be played right on the site:

Using your own URL with the ZenCast website

If you'd like to connect a domain you already own to the ZenCast website take a look at this help article:

Using your own website for your podcast

If you'd like to use your own website and your own URL, take a look at this help article: 

Got questions? Let us know in the live chat bubble and we'll be happy to help.