You'll need an Apple ID to view your podcast analytics with Apple Podcasts Connect. This should already have been set up in the process of submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts - if you've forgotten your Apple ID, you can look it up here.

ZenCast comes with built-in analytics for all of your shows, and while these are useful, you may sometimes want to examine the analytics from the major platforms more closely. 

To view the analytics of your show on Apple Podcasts, simply log in to Apple Podcasts Connect, and click "Analytics" in the top menu.

This link will take you directly to your show analytics on Apple Podcasts, or prompt you to log in if you're not already:

Here you'll be able to see a range of data about your show's performance from Apple, including some data that isn't made available to us at ZenCast.

While ZenCast analytics offers a good overview, checking in on Apply Podcasts Connect directly can help you understand your show's performance to a deeper level.

If you have any questions use the chat bubble to get in touch.