If you delete all the episodes and content for one of your shows, perhaps to start fresh again with a new idea, different title, and entirely different episodes, this can cause problems with your show not updating on distribution platforms.

There are technical reasons for this, but ultimately it's because deleting everything can 'break' the RSS feed and stop it from syncing/updating between ZenCast and any platforms that use your show's feed.

Instead of re-using the same feed to upload an entirely new show, we recommend creating a new podcast/show completely fresh on the ZenCast dashboard instead of re-using an old one. Upload your new episodes and other information to this new podcast, then submit the new podcast RSS feed to listening apps. 

When you're sure you've finished with your old podcast you can shut that down and cancel its subscription by simply deleting it from the ZenCast dashboard entirely.

Creating a new podcast is a better practice than repurposing an old one, and this will avoid any potential technical problems with your show not updating correctly if you re-purpose an old show.