Every podcast should have a valid contact email address which, by default, will be your account email for any shows you create here on ZenCast.

Some listening platforms, including Spotify, use this to verify that you're the owner of the podcast when you submit or claim it on their platform.

The contact email is available for anyone to see in the public RSS feed for your podcast, so you may want to use a dedicated email address for the podcast only, separate from any private email address you normally use.

Due to it being available in your podcast's RSS feed, this is likely the address that will be used when anyone wants to contact you about the show for any reason.

The contact email address for your podcast can be edited on your ZenCast dashboard. Just go to the Show Settings tab and scroll down until you see the 'Contact details' section:

Remember to save changes when you're done.

The new email address will be shown in your podcast's RSS feed immediately, and any podcast listening apps that show a contact email address for your show may take a few minutes to a few hours to update.