Since late 2023, YouTube has been rolling out the ability to publish podcasts directly to their platform using your show's RSS feed.

We're working on a way to do this directly from your ZenCast dashboard, but for now, it's possible to enter the RSS feed from ZenCast directly into YouTube. Here's how to find your show's RSS feed.

Google (YouTube's owner) has published instructions on how to do this, and because this is a new function and things might change, we'll link directly to their up-to-date instructions instead of covering them here:

Publishing to YouTube via RSS works slightly differently from platforms like Spotify and Apple, and at the moment there are some small quirks and limitations you can read more about here. But essentially it's now possible to add YouTube to the list of platforms that will publish your show off the same RSS feed that we use at ZenCast to publish everywhere else.

I recommend taking a quick read of their instructions linked above, and if you have questions or you get stuck anywhere, let us know and we'll be happy to help.

(Google/YouTube are currently listing RSS feed publication as available in these countries - if yours isn't included yet it's worth checking back again later)