Important: Using your own RSS feed is not a feature supported at ZenCast, this help article is for technical information only.

To use your own RSS feed and still have ZenCast host and serve your media files, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your own RSS feed that uses a 302 temporary redirect to the ZenCast feed
    For general information, here's the Wikipedia page about 302 redirects.

  2. Leave the ZenCast feed published
    When you publish your podcast on ZenCast, this setting will automatically be "on". This step is easy, just leave it switched on! If this is switched off, your podcast becomes private/unpublished and the episodes won't be available to play, even through your own RSS feed.

  3. Do not submit the podcast to any directories/apps
    Under the Distribution tab, you'll be prompted to submit your podcast to a range of directories. 
    If your podcast is submitted to listening apps directly from the ZenCast dashboard, the ZenCast RSS feed will be used instead of your own RSS feed.
    Your podcast may automatically be submitted to Google during the setup process on ZenCast. In this case, you may need to log into Google Podcasts manager to claim your podcast and either unpublish it, or change the RSS feed to your own if possible.