ZenCast analytics are updated in (almost) real-time.

A couple of seconds after a listener downloads one of your episodes, that download will be counted and shown on the podcast analytics page.

My analytics aren't updating in real-time (or at all)

If you come across any issues where your show's stats aren't updating, or some listens/downloads aren't appearing in the ZenCast analytics, there can be a specific reason for this.

With most platforms, the listener clicks play and the file is downloaded or 'played' from ZenCast's servers. This means we can register the download and count it in your show's statistics.

However, some platforms, such as Spotify, will re-host your content on their own servers. 

This means when the file is played directly from the platform's servers, they don't notify ZenCast about the number of plays/downloads. This makes it very difficult for us to track statistics from platforms that do this.

It's possible to email podcaster-support@spotify.com and let them know that you would not like them to re-host your content and pass through the download. They have the ability to toggle that switch on an account by account basis but keep in mind it's totally up to Spotify whether they're happy to make the switch or not.

Alternatively, if you claim your podcast at podcasters.spotify.com you'll be able to access your show's analytics directly on their platform.

If the platform isn't re-hosting your content and you're still not seeing statistics update, get in touch via the live chat bubble or hello@zencast.fm and let us know.