There are two ways to add episode artwork.

1: Add artwork when uploading a new episode to ZenCast

By default, the artwork from your Show Settings will be displayed for each episode (unless you don’t have any uploaded, then you’ll see a placeholder image).

If you want to upload artwork specific to an individual episode:

  • Uncheck the box “Use the show’s default artwork” 
  • Click “Choose file/Browse” and select the file from your device

2: Add artwork to a pre-existing episode.

If you’ve already uploaded an episode and want to add or change the artwork:

  • Go to the Episodes tab
  • Click on either the episode name or the edit icon to the right

  • On the next page, uncheck the box “Use the show’s default artwork”
  • Click "Choose file/browse"
  • Select and upload the file you want from your local system

Remember to save your changes and you're all done

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