Welcome to ZenCast! Whether you're new to podcasting or are interested in using ZenCast with an existing podcast ZenCast has everything you need to host, publish and manage your podcast.

ZenCast allows you to take any audio you have created, publish it, and allow anyone worldwide to listen to it.

A computer-readable document called an RSS feed is created after you upload your first episode. With this RSS Feed, you can publish your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and other directories. These podcasting platforms use RSS feeds to detect new episodes uploaded. This means that subscribers will be notified immediately when you upload a new episode to ZenCast.

Oh, and you can upload as many episodes as you produce. There are no upload storage caps or time limits - what you can create, you can share 😄 

After uploading, you can learn who your listeners are, how they listen, and what they enjoy listening to with detailed analytics data. You'll also be able to monitor reviews and receive valuable insight into what your listeners think of your show.

Try a 14-day free trial and experience how easy it is to podcast with ZenCast today.

If you are already podcasting on another platform but would like to move your podcast to ZenCast, start your podcast migration today.