Your podcast audience is set when you create a new show on ZenCast, on the show creation page. Just look for this drop-down menu:

After show creation, you can also edit the audience later if you change your mind, under the  "Show Settings" page:

Again, look for the drop down menu shown above.

There are 3 settings for your show's audience or visibility:

  • Public
    Public podcasts can be listened to by anyone.

  • Private
    Private podcasts can only be listened to by those given access (either with specific email addresses or via an invite link).

  • Mixed
    Mixed audience podcasts can have both public and private episodes.

If the show audience is set to Private or Mixed you can add members and send a show invite link under the "Members" tab (this tab does not appear for a Public show).

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with support via the chat bubble or email